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Oral Surgery Post-Operative Instructions

Prescriptions called to: ______________________________________________

**No prescription for pain medication will be called in after hours.

We highly recommend that you follow these directions for your comfort and accelerated healing. Expect moderate discomfort, nausea, swelling, and oozing. This is normal. If you experience SEVERE pain, excessive bleeding or vomiting, please contact our office.


**NO Driving for 24 hours after IV anesthesia. Use caution while driving or operating heavy equipment while taking any prescription medication. Do not drive while taking pain medication.

1.  Avoid strenuous activity, heavy lifting, driving, rinsing, spitting, or sucking on a straw.
2.  No alcohol or smoking for 7 days.
3.  Ice will minimize swelling and aid in comfort. Apply ice pack to your face over surgical site for 20 minutes then remove for 20 minutes. (Repeat this process for only the first 24 hours).
4.  Biting on gauze placed on the surgical site will exert pressure on the wound and will help stop bleeding. Gently remove the gauze after one hour. Only replace if you see active bleeding. (Oozing is normal for the first 24 hours).
5.  If medicines were prescribed please take pain medication with food once gauze has been removed. Begin taking other medications such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, if prescribed, as directed.
6.  You may begin taking food/drink immediately after gauze pads are removed. It is imperative to stay hydrated with non-carbonated liquids. We recommend cool or room temperature soft foods such as cottage cheese,
7.  yogurt, applesauce, eggs, Boost, Ensure, or Carnation instant breakfast.
8.  Rest is essential for healing. Please rest in a recliner or with you head elevated above your heart.


1.  Use moist heat ONLY from this point forward (up to 7 days as needed). Apply to outside of surgical site with face towel or hot pack. Do this for 20 minutes every hour.
2.  Use hot liquids such as coffee, tea, cocoa, hot water by taking a large sip and holding it in your mouth until the liquid cools to body temperature. Repeat 15-20 times a day.
3.  We advise a 'soft diet' such as pasta, rice, soup, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, or oatmeal. Continue hydration. Liquids can be any temperature. Remember, balanced nutrition is essential for rapid healing.
4.  Begin brushing teeth today. Using toothpaste is ok. Use caution not to brush directly over the surgical site.


1.  If swelling occurs it will usually peak at 48 hours and is normal.
2.  Continue to use moist heat and hot water soaks to reduce pain.
3.  400-600 milligrams of Ibuprofen taken every 6-8 hours will manage most post-surgical pain caused by swelling and muscle strain. It can be used in addition to your pain medication.
4.  One or more of the following may occur even though healing is progressing normally.
5.  Facial bruising: May appear under skin on face or neck and usually resolves in a week.
6.  Temperature: May be slightly elevated for 48 hours.
7.  You may lose stitches as early as the first day.

The above information is provided for your well-being. Please follow the instructions closely and if any concerns arise, please contact our office at (509) 822-2079.
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